Japan’s declaration of a state of emergency

Today, a state of emergency is expected to be declared by the Prime Minister under the Act on Special Measures against Swine Flu.

According to the law, restrictions are the minimum necessary for the freedom and rights of the people, and selt-restraint from going out is only a request. This declaration will allow the competent authorities to request that schools, movie theaters, hotels, etc. in their area be restricted in their use or stop operating.  It will be possible to issue instructions if the request is not complied with.

What this means is that the degree of restriction is different from the coercive state of emergency declared by other countries and that of Japan. The declaration of a state of emergency in Japan is not enforceable. No restrictions can be imposed by the delcaration of a state of emergency with respect to going out for commuting.

Each and every citizen of the country will overcome this situation by avoiding unnecessary and emergency outings and striving to boost immunity.

I’m one of those people. Eats a well-balanced diet every day, take Yakult, R1yogurt, and a high concentration of vitaminC. Also、get moderate exercise and plenty of sleep.



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