Future vision

In the coming months, according to Yuval Noah Harari, the author of A Brief History of Humankind, our societies will have to make a decision between isolation and global solidarity, and we will have to choose very quickly on a global scale between a society that gives its citizens autonomy and a totalitarian surveillance society.

Kazuto Ataka, one of Japan’s brightest minds, expressed the view that Japan’s possible effective response for COVID19 would be either guerrilla warfare or top-down.

Needless to say, each country’s response to the COVID19 will be the source of future policy trends and will be a turning point in the world.

Guerrilla warfare fosters citizen autonomy, and top-down warfare tends to be associated with a surveillance society, so Japan needs to be prepared to take on guerrilla warfare to fight the COVID19.

Global solidarity doesn’t seem to come from the interaction between countries in light of the current hegemony and selfish monopolization. It should come out of a connection and empathy between citizens.

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